About The Team

There are a handful of contributors to RIT Behind the Bricks. Here’s a little information about each of them!

Alexandra Malespín Diaz

Alexandra meet the team


Alexandra is a Fine Art Photography and Media Arts and Technology double major, and expects to graduate this year. She is our staff photographer as well as a social media designer. Outside work, she likes gardening, caring for her chickens and dogs, cooking and preparing food.

Allison Shaw

meet the team allison

Allison is a fourth-year New Media Marketing student. She is a social media analyst with Behind the Bricks. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts and has an affinity for Disney films and parks.

Gauri Khodaskar

gauri meet the team

Gauri is a 2nd year Grad student pursuing a Masters in Computer Science. She is an aspirant software professional and a writer by passion. She loves to write about people and places, take photos for fun and enjoys cooking. Follow her on Instagram @gkhodaskar!


Maria Elias

meet the team maria

Maria is a fourth-year Film and Animation student in the School of Film and Animation as well as Behind the Bricks’ videographer. In her spare time, she produces underwater videography and is interested in SCUBA diving. Maria also takes a keen interest Oceanic conservation activism and plays video games.


Mohammad Daraghmeh



Mohammad is a 4th year Computer Engineer with a minor in Psychology. Mohammad first became professionally involved in social media by helping to launch this very site, RIT Behind the Bricks. He has a background of 6 years+ in advanced web design. He is more excited than ever to continue working here at Behind the Bricks!

Nicholas Toth


Nick is a fourth-year Communications major in the College of Liberal Arts with minors in public policy and in political science. He is currently on co-op as Behind the Bricks’ social media community manager. While not doing work for Behind the Bricks, Nick is a member of WITR 89.7, running several radio shows weekly. He also has an extensive record collection spanning over 100 years.


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