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If you find yourself having trouble with a particular course topic, and can’t seem to grasp the overall concept, a trip to the Academic Support Center (ASC) may be worthwhile. Rochester Institute of Technology’s Academic Support Center provides assistance to members of our student body in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for reading support, academic coaching, tutoring, supplemental instruction, and much more, the ASC is a one-stop shop. The first step to effectively managing your time is to use be efficient, and the ASC is here to help you do that. To learn more about what the Academic Support Center can do for you, visit:

Go outside to studyoutside

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, it starts to get harder and harder to concentrate in the library. Instead of depriving yourself of Rochester’s beautiful spring temperatures, take your studying outside! Make sure your laptop is completely charged, and enjoy the sun. Great places to study outside include; Salsaritas’ patio, Crossroads’ patio, and the quad areas between dorm buildings!

Make time for yourselfmake

When it comes to managing time effectively, this may be the most important tip. Very often, students get so caught up in their studies, that setting aside time for themselves becomes extremely rare. If you aren’t in the right mindset, studying becomes much less effective. Getting in the proper mindset can take many forms. This may be going to the gym, reading a book for fun, or going on a walk. While you may feel as if you should be working on something school-related, don’t forget that personal time is equally as important.

Create a weekly to-do list/priority list

If you haven’t already been doing this, these final few weeks may be a good time to start. Managing time is much easier if you know exactly what you need to do, and by when. As final project due dates and final exams grow nearer, missing one assignment may affect your overall grade in a course.


Sleep is important! Some weeks we can be nocturnal, and other weeks our sleep schedules are semi on-track. Not only does a lack of sleep result in a weaker immune system, it also has a direct correlation with the amount of stress that you are able to handle. If you are tired and are running on little sleep, the amount of information you retain while studying greatly decreases. It is much better to study after a long night’s rest, allowing you to use your time efficiently.

Don’t study in your bedroomlibrary

Studying while laying in bed seems like a much more desirable option than walking all the way to the library, however, your overall productivity will increase greatly if you sit at a desk in a different setting with no distractions. The greater your productivity, the better your time will be managed. If you absolutely do not want to leave your bedroom, try your best to at least sit at your desk while working on homework and studying!


Managing your time effectively can only take place if you have a healthy mindset.exercise

Setting time aside in your busy schedule to exercise is important. You’ll start to feel better physically, you will sleep better, and your memory may improve. Although working around your hectic schedule is tough, exercising daily will greatly improve your efficiency and overall time management skills.

Carry your work with you

Do you ever find yourself getting out of a class a bit earlier than usual? Those few minutes here and there will add up. Keeping your homework/class readings/laptop on you at will ensure that those few unexpected free minutes are put to good use.


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