Bike Safety at RIT

Having a bike or skateboard on campus is one of the fastest ways to get to and from class, especially when you live in the apartments on the periphery of campus. You can move along much faster

Ask Destler: Show #1

From dying his hair bright orange at a hockey game, to sitting with students during lunch in the SAU, we all know that our beloved President Bill Destler loves to engage with the RIT community. This past Wednesday

Fringe Festival 2016

As the nights in Rochester begin to drop in temperature and the hot days become shorter, reasons to stay in and not enjoy nearby festivities still remain scarce. Rochester still finds a way to gather the community

RIT’s Strategic Plan

The RIT community gathered at the University Gallery in Booth Hall for a provost’s town hall meeting Friday, Sept. 16, to discuss RIT’s strategic plan and  how to implement it. Jeremy Haefner, Senior Vice President for Academic

The Ultimate RIT Tunnel Guide

Rochester gets cold during the winter. Bitterly cold. Once the snow starts falling and the temperature starts dropping, you begin questioning whether or not you want to go outside. Fortunately, RIT has an extensive tunnel system throughout

Enjoy the fall colors indoors with the latest exhibits at Dyer Arts Center

Hello Tigers! I hope you are enjoying fall as the colors start to appear. Rochester and its surrounding areas become really beautiful around this time of the year, so this would be the perfect time to plan

ROAR the Vote

With the 2016 presidential election right around the corner, citizens of our nation are extremely eager to know who our next president will be. Thankfully, we have a say. But even with democracy and voting rights on